Can’t Knock the Thrive is a club house
for those needing to be reminded of their own magic;

Where storytelling, self drags, and gentle reminders all come together over a glass of wine.

Can’t Knock The Thrive is the perfect mix of soft touches and hard self reflections for those who don’t want to let their dreams stay dreams forever. It’s a resource for dope things and everyday inspiration. It’s community in action; bravery in motion; vulnerability on canvas.

Here you’ll find a collection of stories about life, love, and finding your way. Stories of stepping out on faith, creating your dreams, and putting the pieces back together when life laughs at your plans. You’ll find a collection of reflections about failure and the edge snatching lessons it brings. Stories of finding faith, losing faith, and learning to trust to your own wings. This blog is dedicated to telling loud stories, sharing tools to reach the next level up, and reminding you that you can always thrive.


i’m glad you stopped by, Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t.



I'm Jayde.

I’m retired health care manager and dementia expert who walked away to walk in my passion — a student affairs professional by day and a writer / content creator / storyteller by night.

I have a passion for tweeting, reminding people to believe in their own magic, and having real conversations over wine.

I excel at minding my own business, talking trash about yours and your uncle’s favorite teams, and advocating for lotion usage.

I believe in the power of connecting through storytelling and that transparency is an art form — and this blog is where all that passion and magic come together for a drink. It's where I bare my soul in hopes it connects with yours and the place I share my uncomfortable truths, in hopes it allows you to tell yours.

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

this blog is my dream,
i hope it inspires you to follow yours.