Hey Love

Hey Love,

I know you’re preparing for another long day. I know you’re getting ready to put your mask on.. the one where you pretend to be strong and sure of yourself.. the one you put on just to face the day. I know you’ve been battling some things you haven't told anyone else about. I know some days your doubts scream louder than your faith and your fears win. I know some days your soul’s weary and your heart’s a mess. I know sometimes you wake up, afraid to just be yourself.

Hey love.. you don’t have to be anything other than you.

You are not the expectations or agendas you fall short of because you didn't sign up for that shit anyway. You don’t have to distort your limbs to fit into the boxes people put you in. You don’t have to break your bones to dust trying to carry things too heavy for you. Your bones deserve rest, too. You’re not obligated to hide parts of yourself for another’s comfort. You don’t have to tuck away your fears. We all have them, and they don’t define us. You don’t have to dilute your excellence so it’s easier for other people to swallow. You don’t have to apologize for the days you’re drowning or the days that it hurts to dream. You owe no apologies to anyone for being human.

Hey love.. You are a walking miracle if I've ever seen one.

I never understood how we could look at the same thing and see something so different. You look in the mirror and see your failures staring back at you.. I look at you and see the brilliance of God's penmanship. You look in the mirror and pick yourself apart at the seams until your soul is splattered all over the floor.. I look at you and see one of the world’s greatest blessings in human form. You are answered prayers in human form. You are God’s radiance in human form. You are brilliance in motion, if I’ve ever seen it.

Hey love.. I don’t know how many times I’ll have to tell you that you’re brilliant before you finally believe it. I wish you could see yourself the way I do. I wish I could paint a picture of you.. I’d use every stroke of my brush to capture the light in your eyes when you talk about something you love. I wish I could accurately depict the way your smile reminds us all that magic is real. I wish you believed me when I told you that there is never a day that passes that I don't thank God for realizing the world was missing something special and creating you to fill that void.

Hey love.. I’m praying for you.

I pray you’ll stop depriving the world of your craft, soon. I pray you learn to make space for love and happiness, soon. I pray you stop doubting your God given talents, soon. I pray for the day you recognize your power and everything changes. I pray you get out of your own way soon. I pray you realize that you are a force. I pray you find comfort in knowing you won’t be at war with yourself forever. I pray you know how proud of you I am.. even on the days, I don't show you or tell you enough.. even on the days you don't feel proud of yourself.

I pray you know that you deserve all the good this life has to offer. I don’t have similes or metaphors or flowery words to tell you how much you deserve kindness, love, and forgiveness. You just do.

Hey love.. I wish I could give you this feeling. I wish I could gift wrap peace and deliver it at your doorstep. I wish I could put a bow on love and ship to your front door. I wish I could heal for you, but we both know I can’t. Your journey is between you and God. But, I love you and I will be here. I will be here to walk alongside you.

Hey love.. I’m here for you.

I’ll be here to listen when you want to talk. I’ll be within reach when you don’t want to talk. I’ll be here when you finally decide to stop running from yourself. I’ll be here when you stop avoiding your feelings. I’ll be here when all the feelings you’ve been trying to outrun finally catch up with you. I’ll be here. I’ll be here even when you feel your most unlovable. I’ll be here to remind you of your own magic when you’ve forgotten. I’ll be here clapping for you when your doubts tell you that you don’t deserve the applause and your hands are too numb to clap for yourself.

I’ll be here.

LettersJayde Ware