24 Lessons from 24:

I always thought I'd love getting into the heart of my twenties, but for some reason turning 25 sent me into a quarter life crisis. In the midst of my crisis about not having it all together in my early twenties, I was reminded to take a moment to reflect on the lessons I learned at 24.

1. The capacity at which you love yourself, determines the capacity at which you can give and accept love. In other words, when you love yourself, you finally let other people love you, too. 

2. Nobody really has it all together...we're all just making it up as we go. At any given moment, we're all just doing the best we can and that's okay. 

3. The world is a dark place, we have to choose to be a light. We have to make the decision everyday to bring sunshine and laughter into this world. We're better for it and so is the world.

4. But some days, we can't be sunshine or laughter and that's okay too. That's what the people we surround ourselves with are for. 

5. Being lazy when it comes to your craft is disrespectful to the people who believe in you. We were all given talents that are equally important to contribute to the world. Some of us are doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, make up artists, DJs, and marketing gurus. Some are writers, photographers, musicians, and entrepreneurs. All are forms of art. All require hard work and sacrifice.

6. The following things are disservices to yourself and the entire world: not using your God-given gifts, not cultivating your talents, and not sharing these things with others. We were given talent to be used.

7. When you get to a place where your alone is magic...where your alone feels so good that you'll only have someone in your space if their presence adds to your life..You become picky. You become picky with who and what you allow in your space. That goes for friendships, relationships, and even family.

8. Non-responses are a response. Non-decisions are a decision. Lack of commitment is commitment to a life without you. 

9. God given talent requires hard work. Success requires work. Cultivating your talents requires hard work. There is no cheat code or substitution for hard work. 

10. Someone may be better at something than you. Someone may be more attractive, smarter, funnier, etc., you can't control that. (In fact, it's none of your business what someone else is doing), but one thing that you absolutely can control..how hard you work. No can outwork you. No one can out you, you. Those are your superpowers. 

11. When you know what you bring to the table, you're never worried about eating alone. If you're bringing the entire table, meal, table settings, and silverware...and all someone else is bringing is some ketchup packets from McDonalds, don't even let them sit down. 

12. People who don't love them-selves, will do everything in their power to make you not love yourself either. Hurt people hurt people. Unhappy people try to make others unhappy. Misery loves company. Those suffering want others to suffer deeply, too. Why? It's simple, really. Some people think the only way to heal themselves is to break someone else, some think the only way to deal with their unhappiness is to make others unhappy. Those people are dangerous. 

13. What people think of you has very little to do with you. You are mirror for people. They see in you, what they see in themselves. Good, bad, or ugly.

14. Walking away is a gift to yourself. You have to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served. You must walk away when your skills are no longer being cultivated. You must diddy bop away from anything or anyone that threatens your peace. You have to let unfulfilling relationships and friendships go. For you. 

15. It's important to be good to people, after all, karma snatches edges and hairlines at alarming rates.

16. Mistakes are unavoidable; you are not your mistakes. Failures are necessary; you are not a failure. We all have shortcomings; we are not our shortcomings

17. If you're not willing to work for it, you don't want it bad enough. 

18. If it is given to you, you deserve it. If God has given you something, you are inherently worthy of it. 

19. Unanswered prayers are blessings in disguise. "Not right nows" are not no's, they are merely..you're not ready yets. Rejection is God's way of saying "I've got something better, be patient." Closed doors are secret tunnels of opportunity. Road blocks are re-directions to a better suited path. 

20. Be your own plug. Put yourself on. Clap for yourself. Then, once you get on.. help others do the same. 

21. If it's meant for you, you can never lose it. If it's yours, you are worthy to have it. If it's not meant for you, you shouldn't even want it. 

22. When you love life, it tends to love you back twice as much. When you love yourself, you tend to see love everywhere and in everyone.

23. Life truly begins the moment you look your fears in the face, laugh, and march right through them.

24. You cannot serve from an empty cup. You cannot serve from any empty vessel. You cannot serve from any entry pantry. How you gon serve everyone except yourself? You can't give what you don't have. You first. Take care of you. Take care of you for you. Self care on a hunnid.

Some of these I learned with minor bruises, others knocked me down for a little while, and others ripped the edges right off of my forehead. But, I am certainly better because of it.




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