A Letter To The New Graduates

Let me begin by saying that I am proud of you. I know the journey to the degree wasn’t easy — and while I wish I could tell you that life gets easier now that you’re on the other side of that degree, that would be a lie. Life after graduation is an adjustment — an adjustment that no one ever really prepares you for.

You will not have it all together right away.. no one does.

You will get tired and I don't mean the sleeping kind of tired either. You will feel lost. You will at times be completely petrified and you'll tell no one. You'll have days where you're in a room full of people and still feel alone. You will question yourself. You'll question God, the Universe, your path, life, and your very existence. Give yourself space to do so. Give yourself room to grow. Grant yourself permission to just be.

You're not alone.

On one hand I want to cradle you and protect you from every bad thing the real world could ever throw at you. I want to intercept every tough break, rough patch, and every bad hand you'll ever be dealt. I so desperately want to save you from ever falling asleep on pillows soaked in your tears. I want to rescue you from ever feeling lost. I so want to protect your warmth from the bitterness of this world. I want to build a shield around your heart to safeguard it from ever breaking. I want to build a soft pallet at your heels, so even when you fall, you'll land safely.

I want to protect you from ever slow dancing with self doubt. I want to break you free from your own self imposed prison of insecurity. I want to shelter you from ever being intimate with the feeling of unworthiness. I want to rescue you from ever searching for love in someone else's arms. I want to safeguard you from ever knowing what your tears taste like or rejection feels like. I want to protect you from everything that does not bring you laughter.

But that wouldn't be fair to you.

I can't meddle with your journey. I can't disrupt God's plan for you. I can't protect you at the sacrifice of your own self growth. I can't do the work for you. I can't save you from the lessons you're only meant to learn the hard way. I can't interfere with the life classes you must pass to advance to the next level. I can't deprive you of the experiences that will elevate and enlighten you.

But I can wish and hope for you.

I hope every single dream you've dared to dream comes true. I hope you remember to ask God to prepare you for those dreams coming true too. I hope you never try to cheat the hustle. I hope you learn to take breaks when you need to, for you. I hope you find peace...and protect it. I hope you create happiness and cherish it. I hope you fall in love with yourself. I hope you learn how to feel at home in your own skin. I hope the laughter in your life is enough to keep you warm even on your coldest nights.

 I hope you succeed beyond your wildest imagination.

But, I also hope you fail. Only so you'll know the feeling of failing hard and bouncing back harder. There's so many lessons taught from failure. The art of resiliency is found in failure. The art of bouncing back harder is mastered through failure. The art of building mansions out of rejection letters is learned through failure. There is no success without failure. You will fail. Fail. Learn the lesson. Get back up. And be better.

Just please remember, you are not and will never be your failures.

And please remember that no one

Love, me.

LettersJayde Ware