Re-branding and New Chapters

When I started Can’t Knock The Thrive, I had no clear vision — I just knew I wanted to write.
I craved a space to share my own stories in hopes that anyone else struggling to navigate the complexities of life would read them and relate. I wanted to people to feel my words, see themselves in my stories, and connect.

So, I launched Can’t Knock The Thrive to do just that. This blog became a secret handshake with my soul and my outlet for all of the stories I was afraid to tell out loud.

I never anticipated that I would out-grow my own creation — but, as life has demanded that I evolve, I’ve done just that.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve changed. I’ve done a lot of failing, falling down, and taking hard L’s. I’ve grown a lot and out grown even more. I’ve done a lot of learning and just as much un-learning. I’ve out grown the life I thought I wanted, I’ve out-grown the dreams I had when I first started Can’t Knock The Thrive, hell, I’ve out-grown myself. I found myself growing and outgrowing the life I thought you wanted at such at a rapid pace, that all the shedding spilled over into my work, my hobbies, and my passions. I found myself evolving past the my writing process and my creative methods.

The only way I could keep Can’t Knock The Thrive authentic was to take time away to figure out who I am and what I want to do. I needed to re-find my writing voice and style. I needed to learn more and execute better. I needed to focus on creating content that was in alignment with me and the woman I currently am, instead of trying to hold on to the woman I knew I had outgrown.

2017 Can’t Knock The Thrive was a jumbled effort to share my writing and connect. 2019 Can’t Knock The Thrive reflects is an intersection of storytelling, self drags, and resources for the young and thriving. It is a reflection of the work I’ve done, and stories about the journey to get here. It’s a new chapter rooted in transparency, vulnerability, and the desire to be seen and heard fully — a chapter where I no longer need anyone’s validation to write the stories I want to tell.

The new Can’t Knock The Thrive is a reflection of my growth, the gifts I’ve taken time to develop, and me finally putting my stories out into the world without fear or shame or diluting my content so other people have an easier time digesting it.

Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t — and never stop believing in your own magic.


Jayde Ware