A Letter To The Dreamers

Dear fellow dreamer,

I know you've been told a billion stories about dreams dying. You've been painted a million pictures of the graveyards un-lived dreams go to die. You've been told more times than you can count that your dreams will retire there, too. You’ve been told by a thousand people, a thousand different ways that not all dreams are meant to be lived. You’ve been told to settle. You've been told that dreaming is cool, but living a safe life is better. You've been told dreaming is best saved for nights when the rest of the world is sleeping.

I pray you don't listen. This world is built in dreams and yours matter.

I pray you continue to dream dreams bigger than you are. I pray you continue to dream until it hurts. I pray your dreams keep you awake at night. I pray you dream the kind of dreams that terrify every inch of you. I pray you dream even when it's hard, even when those dreams feel so far out of reach, even when all the doubts in your head scream loudly.

I pray you have the courage to dream anyway.

I know what courage it takes to dream. I especially know how hard it is to continue dreaming when those dreams feel so out of reach. I know difficult it is hard to dream and to keep on dreaming even when you feel light years away from ever living those dreams. I know the struggle of continuing to dream, even after the world has taken a shit on those dreams.

I know how easy it is to talk yourself out of your dreams. Please don't.

I know how easy it is to keep promising yourself tomorrow. Stop procrastinating on your passions. Stop trying to talk yourself out of your dreams. Stop letting that voice in your head tell you that it’ll never happen and you’re not worthy. Stop doubting yourself. Stop letting your fears scream louder than your aspirations. Stop taking advice from those too afraid to dream themselves.

Please don't take advice from those too bitter to dream. They'll only convince you to give up they way they did. Please don't listen to those who don't understand your dreams. Most people don't understand themselves. Most people have forgotten how to dream themselves. Please don't let the hard lessons, doors slammed in your face, and hard falls face first into the floor convince you that your dreams belong in a graveyard, too. You will have wins and you will have hard lessons. You will have doors slammed in your face. You will fall on your face. You will be told a million times by a million bitter people that your dreams won’t happen.

I pray you dream anyway..

I dare you to dream anyway.

I dare you to give your all to your dreams today. I challenge you to give your all again tomorrow.

And I pray you continue to give your all the next day and the next day after that. I pray you take that pile of “nos” and use them as the foundation for your brand. I pray you take all those jokes and use the laughter to build fortune 500's out of it. I pray you stop getting inspired by seeing the dreams of others coming true and then silently berating yourself for it not being you. I pray you have the courage to keep walking towards your dreams even when the path isn't clear. I pray you have the courage to take the first step and to keep walking when the path is both clear and dark. I pray you trust God enough to guide your steps. I pray you trust yourself enough to see this journey through. I pray you love the world enough to continue to dream. I pray you learn to clap for yourself even when no one else is.

 I pray you learn to rest when you need to, instead of quitting.

When you’ve crashed head first into that brick wall, nurture yourself, don’t quit. When you are questioning everything, surround yourself those who remind you of the magic flowing through your fingertips, don’t quit. You can quit the job you hate, you can walk away from people who no longer serve you, but it would be a disgrace to yourself and the world to give up on your dreams.

I dare you to see what happens when you don’t give up.

There’s a parent out there waiting to tell their children about you. There’s a teacher out there waiting to use your work to ignite fires in their students. There’s somebody scrolling through social media right waiting for your testimony to spark the “aha” moment that leads to their breakthrough.

Please keep dreaming, please keep creating.Dreamers grow into visionaries who change lives and transform the world.
Dreamers matter. Your dreams matter.

Please don't give up.

LettersJayde Ware