Can't Knock The Thrive is an intersection - where community meets storytelling.

Can't Knock The Thrive is a clubhouse for those needing to be reminded of their own magic - a secret handshake among anyone with a dream - and a safe space for transparency. It's where I bare my soul in hopes it connects with yours and the place I share my uncomfortable truths, in hopes it allows you to tell yours.

On these pages you'll find stories of love, laughter, and light. You'll discover reflections on if it was really love at all and questions wondering what's love any way. Here you'll come across the letters I was never brave enough to send with equal stories about failure and the edge snatching lessons it brings. This blog contains stories of finding faith, losing faith, and learning to trust to your own wings.

Welcome. Take what resonates and leave what doesn't.


Can't Knock The Thrive is a safe space to remind us that we can choose to thrive anyway..

I'm Jayde. 

I'm a soft spoken woman with a loud pen.









The Blog.

This blog is my dream.

I hope it inspires you to follow yours.