ramblings on love.

January 2.

Last night, I asked why he wanted me if he could have anyone he wanted. And he sighed before saying that I was the only one he could be himself with.
There’s a million women that want him, but he still chooses to be here. With me. And I still have to work on not questioning why he continues to choose me.

January 15.

I am not a woman who allows her time to be wasted, love to be taken for granted, and sense of worth to be tested by a man.

February 22.

This is goodbye.
There is no turning back.
I just needed to see your face to make sure it’s really over.
It is.
We are.

February 28.

I am tired of exposing my soul to a man that can't even slow dance with his own. I am tired of cracking open my rib-cage in an effort to reveal my heart to a man that wouldn't even recognize love if it smacked him in the face. I am tired of beating down the walls he doesn't even know he's trapped in. I am so tired of maneuvering through the bridges of his own self destruction. I cannot love him into loving himself. I cannot cast all of my light on him in the hopes that it'll save him from his own darkness. I cannot heal him. I have tried. And I failed.


March 11.

Missing you hurts less than loving you up close. 


March 13. 

Love doesn’t make you choose between it and your dreams. 


March 23. 

We are not in love. We are in a contest to see who’s willing to settle longer. 



April 2. 

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment we fell out of love, but I think it was when your bed sheets started to feel more like concrete floors than clouds. 


April 3. 

How do you settle for high-fiving the hands that once held yours? 


April 14. 

You fell in love with a woman who loved you and her dreams.. but most times, her dreams more.

Jayde Ware